Make Your Skin Believe
PROVEN by yullia - #1 Professional Beauty Brand
Trusted by yullia Premium Beauty Salons Chain

The product range was created in close collaboration with cosmetic chemists and technologists and consists of two lines – for home use and for professional use. 

Brand expertise is based on field experience in the beauty industry: developing PROVEN by yullia formulas, we focused on the exceptional knowledge gained over 20-year history of yullia premium salons chain and yullia school.
The unique products at the same time meet all the professional standards and client demands.

Proven formulas
Each remedy is an exceptional combination of innovative technologies with herbal extracts, essential oils, Dead Sea minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and natural acids. Healing process is accelerated, your skin feels soft, soothe, protected and moisturized; your nails are healthy and strong. 

Proven results
The products have passed numerous lab tests and peer reviews: a noticeable therapeutic effect is proven and guaranteed. 

Proven experience 
Brand competence is achieved through uncompromising professionalism and vast background from Yullia Gal, the brand founder and CEO, and the whole yullia team. 
The brilliant success in the beauty industry over the past 20 years has logically resulted in private label creation.

Proud to present
PROVEN by yullia
Boost your beauty routine and 
change your perception of efficiency for the better

100% professional formulas
100% clinically tested and approved
100% created through scientific research
100% Israeli: developed, designed and manufactured in Jerusalem, Israel
100% Noticeable results!

A collection of supreme beauty care products
Based on active natural ingredients 
Paraben-free, cruelty-free