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Nail fungus is a common problem, which can cause discomfort, pain and aesthetic problems. One of the main questions that arise about nail fungus is whether it can come back after it has been treated. In this article, we will examine the answer to this question and present ways to treat and prevent a recurrent outbreak.
Can nail fungus come back?

The answer is yes. Even if we were able to eliminate the phenomenon with the help of appropriate nail fungus treatment, this does not mean that it is permanent and it will not return in the future. Therefore, it is important to treat nail fungus according to the instructions of a doctor or other qualified person, to ensure maximum effectiveness, along with maintaining maximum hygiene.

Which treatment for nail fungus is useful against recurrent outbreaks?

As we said, nail fungus is definitely a phenomenon that can return, if it is not treated properly. Most of us are familiar with the standard nail fungus treatment approaches, including: drug treatment, nail fungus treatment liquid, maintaining hygiene and a balanced lifestyle, and more. But there are also some lesser-known treatments that may help, among others: 

Use of essential perfumes

Certain essential oils, such as tea tree oil and oregano oil, are known for their antibacterial properties. Gentle and measured use of these oils on the nails can be helpful in preventing recurrence. 


Nutritional supplements such as probiotics or zinc can support the immune system and help prevent recurrent outbreaks of nail fungus. These supplements can help restore the healthy microbiome in the body. 

Changing shoes and socks after exercise

Most people don't know this, but the moisture created in the feet after exercise is a perfect environment for the formation of fungi. That is why it is recommended to change shoes and socks immediately after exercising to maintain a dry and clean environment and not allow the fungus to develop.

In conclusion

Treatment of nail fungus can be persistent and challenging, so if you have already managed to cure it, you should not underestimate it and always be attentive, as it can return. The good news is that if the phenomenon recurs, you will already be experienced enough to treat it quickly and effectively.